Rain on the Children’s day Parade

Anyone familiar with the expression”Dont rain on my parade”will agree with me that this year’s children’s day celebration has not only been rained upon by the activities of the Boko Haram sect but it can be regarded as an all time”high” in thunderstorms.

I believe other states of our dear country Nigeria should take a cue from the Niger state government and either cancel whatever activities are planned for this particular occasion, make it all about the Chibok girls or have it on a very, very low key indeed.

And guess what else has taken thunder strikes from activities of the same sect-“The Nigerian Millennium Development Goals on Education by 2015”, especially with the death of no fewer than 173 teachers. This I believe,is a forum where stakeholders promise all sorts of reforms and ways forward in the education sector and expect to be believed by everyday you and I Nigerian.

I have children of my own who look forward to children’s”stay at home”day celebration with lots of cartoons and all other things that children love that has nothing to do with homework or studying. As parents, let’s use this opportunity to reflect and say a prayer for the Chibok girls and their families.

May they be found even before May 27th so that this Children’s day celebrations will be a memorable one.

Do you know what else is happening next year that is suffering from the strikes of heavy thunderstorms? ?


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