To lead or not to lead….?

Leaders are to pave the way for others to follow. Leaders are to have sympathy if not empathy for its followers. If this dangerous trend is replicated or allowed to thrive without  opposition,then there’s a problem. A serious one indeed.

I tried hard to ignore this but couldn’t,it just refused to go away. How can our leaders be this greedy and self centred! A couple of people wake up and put into law a provision that would take care of them and their families for the rest of their lives, just because they have served as governors in Akwa Ibom state,and no one is doing anything about it.

The other day someone posts on Facebook” I wish I was a past governor of Akwa Ibom state” and you wonder why? It is really very sad indeed that our leaders will in the face of gross unemployment, hunger and terror attacks come up with such a rediculous thing. N100 million and N50 million annual pension for “All” past indigenous governors and deputy governors of Akwa Ibom state respectively.This also includes those that served when the state was still Cross River and would be for the life time of such a one. Tell me, why wouldn’t anyone not want to be  governor of the state?and for all the wrong reasons too!Why would there not be mass rigging of election to secure such a juicy pension for life??

Soon other states of the federation will adopt similar if not more outrageous laws for themselves.They are probably just waiting to see how this plays out before going ahead to do the unthinkable.

2015 is election year and It can only be imagined how this would affect the process and eventual outcome of election in this and other states.

It’s also a pity that the Akwa Ibom state chapter of NLC or is it TUC that promised a protest rally against this bill passing into law either had their legs and hands weighed down by “Ghana must go” bags of money or could not find enough courage to rise up to the occasion.

By the time the State house of  Assembly decides on the “pension for life amount” due each past member, the Akwa Ibom people will have nothing left for them in their treasury.

If this could happen in our time, I wonder what the generations to follow will have to face. It is really a sad one indeed.

And we call Shekau and his team terrorists??…


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