What! Our daughter’s name is your ex-girlfriend’s! ?



I remember an elderly woman once told me that she prevented her husband from naming their daughter after a woman he would have married and considering that back then marriage was done with the most noble of intention,I wondered what his reasons were for wanting to do such.

It got me thinking… Imagine this scenari in our time;

Once upon a time there lived a guy who was attracted to a girl. He loved her so much he wanted to marry her but didn’t know how to make his feelings known because he felt she was way out of his league. They eventually become good friends and still he couldn’t tell her how he felt.

Anyway,after sleepless nights and several rehearsals on what to say and how he should say them, he eventually opens up only to be told she recently got engaged and would soon be married.

Broken hearted and  chiding himself for being such a fool he decides to move on. He later finds,falls in love and marries another girl.

When they have their daughter he decides to give her the “old flames” name unknowing to the wife .

Then she finds out…


1. How should wifey here deal with this?

2. Is hubby still “flaming” for old flame?

3. Should there be a name change?


4. Should this even be an issue?

I look forward to your comments.

The very best.


















2 thoughts on “What! Our daughter’s name is your ex-girlfriend’s! ?”

  1. Remember guys this swings both ways. How would you handle, say a pet name for your son that’s rooted in your wife’s past relationship.
    @Seye, are you very sure? You just discovered this truth and you would have to hear that name every day for the rest of your life:). What if it’s someone you know?


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