Midlife crisis and Perimenopause; didn’t know there was a”Peri” involved.

Isn’t it enough that women have menopause? What is this “Peri” stage involved? These and more were the questions reeling past my mind as I glared at the article I was reading.

And what is she on about? You maybe asking. This all started when I came across a newspaper publication where participants in a question and answer session with the writer of the article asked several questions and I realized that most of their questions sounded familiar!

I decided to look up some of the issues discussed and that’s when it hit me: I could be having a midlife crisis!

Midlife is usually from the age of forty give or take plus twenty years and is usually characterized by some interesting issues:

1. Wanting a simpler life.

2. Suddenly wanting to learn a musical instrument

3. Worrying over your thinning hair

4. Taking up a new hobby

5. Wanting to make the world a better place

6. Fearing the worst if a parent calls at an unexpected time

7. Obsessively comparing your looks with others of same age

8. Dyeing your hair when it’s grey

9. Stopping telling people your age

10.Worrying about being worse off at retirement than your parents.

11. Looking up your medical symptoms on the Internet!

Anyone of the above describe you? (You could look up http://www.mirror.co.uk/midlife-crisis by Amanda Killelea, where I got these symptoms from and fill yourself with the rest of the 40 symptoms of midlife crisis)

It’s not like I don’t know about menopause and issues arising before and during this”not so looked forward to” period, I just didn’t know there was a”physical condition” known as Perimenopause. An actual physical condition!

And for those of you (like me) who are new to this condition-“Peri”means around or about. So technically Perimenopause means about or around menopause. I even discovered a blog dedicated to this; http://www.theperimenopauseblog.com.

This brings me to a day I displayed one of my “perimenopausal symptoms”;

I had finished preparing dinner and we all sat down to the meal when one of my son’s asks, (after a couple of Spoonfuls)-: isn’t there an ingredient missing in this?(brief explanation: since I live in an all “boys hostel” where everyone’s taste bud is sharp and sensitive(thanks to my dear husband) and we practice and encourage freedom of speech, you would think I’d be used to comments such as these especially after thirteen years!?

Nooo! And what do I do? I flip and flop around like a dart with repeated comments on “how I wasn’t appreciated”and so many other things I would rather want to spare you at this time.

You should have seen the look on my family’s face! Classic! Do you remember the”who are you and what did you do with my mother/wife look? Yep, that’s the one.

I usually go about these days with a lot of “very or over”attached to my already sensitive emotions; very quiet, overreacting, very this, very that. I sometimes feel so sorry for my husband who sometimes finds it difficult to keep up!

Why is it that the men don’t have a “pre”or “peri”something to deal with?  (just thinking aloud. )

Looking back now,I wonder what got to me if not “Mr. Peri”. So, when you go ” flip-flop” like me, please feel free to blame it on the peri. Something or someone has to be blamed anyway. Typical right?

Dear husbands of ours,now that you know that there’s this”Peri” involved ,what sort of men are you supposed to be…

“Peri”understanding ones!!!


The very best.


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