The devil we know or the one we like

I saw this title in a post by one of my friends on Facebook: “Christmas eve in my city” and naturally one would expect some kind of description of how things were gearing up for the next day, but when I was done reading, all I could say in response to the post was: “Hmmm”.

The write up had as one of its strong themes, amongst others which filtered through to me as : I am tired of status quo.

By the time you are done reading, especially with the added pictures to better describe goings on, you would come to understand why.

There are many Nigerians who have just about had it with the present regime of government and the entire democratic process so far and are desperate for something or rather someone who would at least remove them from the stone age we currently live in and “shine the light on them”. That was one major problem Victor Ogbija’s post on Facebook, hoped would be resolved even as he went ahead to “cry out for help” regarding the situation.

Pastor Victor is not the only one crying out for change. We have all had similar experiences where we had to run our  generators countless number of times this year and even in this holiday season despite having paid our electricity bills for services not rendered.

Yet come 2015, which is election year, you and I will be expected to file out en mass to perform our civic responsibility (or is it civic right now) to vote or be voted for.

The debate for and against aspirants are very compelling with all sides involved putting forth their best arguments in a bid to “buy over” as much people as possible to their various sides.

I will not go into what has or has not been these past years during this present administration and others before it, or the pedigree of aspirants who are eager to take over or continue,  young or old, experienced or not. I just have this to put forward for all of us to ponder:

The leader is a projection of the people.

I personally don’t see any other way to go about this because until, we are really ready for change until, we have decided we have had enough until, we are ready to hold our leaders accountable and responsible for their actions instead of patting them in the back and saying: “well done” each time they patch up roads until, we say no to “stomach infrastructure” until, we stop castigating anyone and everyone who tries to speak up for change until, we are ready to stand for our rights and also do what is right shunning evil until, we are ready to stop sitting on the fence or saying “as long as I’m not affected” and are willing to throw away indifference and the tendency to “quickly adapt” to whatever inhumane and demeaning situation that is  handed us by our rulers. Until we are willing to stand together and fight for what is truly ours….

Until.., until…, until….

We are not ready for change or the benefits of democracy.

Every country today that things seem to, in one way or another, be working for them have conquered individual selfish interest (at least to an extent) in exchange for “the greater good” or the benefit of all. They have had to stand up and fight for what they believed in. They have had to pay “the price” for the desired change. They have had to and still have to look their leaders in the eye and demand for accountability whenever the situation requires it.

Are we truly ready to do what it takes to get the change that has eluded us these past years? Are we ready to man up and demand that our rulership be held accountable for their actions and follow through?

Are we going to settle for the devil we know or the one we like?

For, until we decide to take the proverbial bull by the horns and rewrite our history ourselves, we might never have what is rightfully ours and in years to come, generations after us might have nothing left to be “corrupt over”. For as we have all come to know; the oil wells do run dry.

Four years ago at least, l was very sure who I wasn’t going to vote for, (even if almost every other person in my polling station told me I was throwing away my precious vote) because I wasn’t ready to fall for the “pattern of success” greatly catalogued and canvassed for the popular person in question. I was still determined to go ahead and “throw away” my vote. An action I am still proud of till date. But this time around, I have become completely clueless as to how my vote will go.

The rulership is a projection of the ruled
, and until we are ready to step up and do what is right to get what we need, our leaders will continue to not-reflect what we have refused to be…



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